Thursday, September 15, 2011

And so it begins...

Against my better judgement, I've decided to start a blog.  I know, I know, just what everyone needs, another blog to follow.  Actually, the real reason for the blog is to give updates on Vivian's hearing situation.  It seems hard to find just the right form of communication to update everyone.  Facebook...too "statusy", email...too "who did I forget to add to the distribution list", twitter...okay, I have to admit that I haven't ever tweeted (shhhh, don't tell anyone).  So, I've decided to try the blog form of electronic communication.

I'd planned to post tonight about Vivan's appointment at the audiologist today, but I really wanted to include a picture.  It seems our camera cord is lost in the abyss that is my husband's classroom...more on that subject later, I'm sure.  So for now, this will just have to be the introductory post until I can get some real content together tomorrow.

1 comment:

  1. My classroom is cleaner than it's been in five years! The cord was in one of those "green" bags, hanging conspicuously by the front door. The fact that I had filled that bag full of stuff for and from my classroom last week has no bearing on this discussion.