Sunday, January 8, 2012

Vivian's ABR hearing test - take 3

This time, we were smart. At least maybe smarter

Vivian needed another ABR(Auditory Brain-stem Response) hearing test.  These are the ones that we have to have done in Billings, and she is supposed to be sound asleep.  One of the reasons she needed to do another one is that she was not sound asleep for the first two. 

This time we went to Billings the night before the test so we could manipulate her sleep/wake times before the test the next day.  We decided to make it a fun little get-a-way for the whole family.  Even Pouli & YaYa came. 

Here are the kids in the hotel before swimming.  

Vivian's first swim! 

I don't think she likes the water...what do you think?

Here we are the next morning trying to keep her awake in the hotel room.  You would not believe how long this bag of Doritos kept her entertained.  

The waiting room of the audiologist's office...still awake!

 I thought this was seriously cute, but a little freaky at the same time.  They have to rough up her forehead and then attach this electrode with a snap on it.  Still awake...

All hooked up and ready to go.  Still awake but getting very sleepy.  She ended up sleeping like an angel.  We got all the testing done that they needed to complete her hearing profile.  Yeah!!!  I didn't take any pictures because I was afraid of waking her up.  I don't think Aaron or I hardly moved a muscle the whole hour and a half. 
(I just realized that the bottle looks HUGE in those pictures. )


  1. Great pictures! You have a very adorable kiddos. I can't get over how much Vivian looks like your dad in that first picture.

  2. Good work on getting Vivian to sleep during the test! Did the results turn out same as previous? All 3 of your kids are just gorgeous!

  3. Claire - The test results were a little better. The audiologist thought the she has more in hearing in her right ear than the previous tests showed. This puts her more into the moderate area versus being on the line of moderately-severe like we thought before. She also confirmed that it is sensio-neural.

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