Saturday, April 28, 2012

Boise Zach got married!

Last weekend we took a road trip to Idaho to attend Boise Zach's wedding in McCall, Idaho.  Thursday we drove to Boise to see Lori's house and get Hudson's little tux. Zach, Pouli and I even squeezed in a round of golf on Friday morning.  It was only the second time I've played since I started having kids.  I loved it!  I'll definitely be getting back on the course more this year.  Friday afternoon we drove north to McCall and the rehearsal. 

 Rehearsal dinner at Lardo's Saloon across the street from the lodge.  

Aunt Meggie must have been teaching her some Yoga.  

We were so fortunate to get to stay at a beautiful cabin (house) of one of Lori's friends.  This little fox must have been a usual visitor because it wasn't afraid of us.  The kids loved it!

Hudson found these wolf slippers in the cabin.  Boys will be boys...

 A handsome group of guys.

 Stella and her co-flower girl, Kyla just before the wedding. 

Vivi didn't have an official role in the wedding.  However, she thought that she had been designated with a speaking, read shrieking, part.  The friend that let us stay in her house, Patience, ended up wheeling her around in the hall during the ceremony so she didn't steal the show.  

 He looks way to calm and collected for being minutes away from getting hitched.  No cold feet here!

 As the "grooms-maids", we made sure to perform the time-honored tradition of giving the groom a little liquid courage before the ceremony.  Cheers!

 I promised the kids they could watch a movie on the computer after our family pictures and before the ceremony.  They didn't know that it was all part of my plan of keeping them clean.  I even tried to have them wear towels over their clothes while they were sitting there!

Who knew what you could look like if you had two professionals working on hair and makeup for about an hour each.  I could get used to that!

We had a fun trip home via the Lochsa River and Missoula.  I'll post some pics from that part of our trip soon.


  1. Very cool! Sounds like a great trip and please give our congratulations to Zach and Lori! So happy for him.Thanks for the pictures. You all look awesome. Grandma Candy

  2. Gorgeous pics! Looks like it was a beautiful day. (And yes, I'd take a hair and makeup artist every day, please!) Vivian is getting so big--I hope we get to see you sometime soon!