Monday, June 11, 2012

Hudson is 4!

Our sweet little guy is growing up!

He had a "family" party out at Pouli & YaYa's house last Sunday evening complete with birthday s'mores. 

 Aunt Meggie & Uncle Zach were a hit when they gave him his first G.I. Joe action figures.  They are much more advanced than the little green guys we played with.  

 My own fishing pole!  What more does a 4-year-old need?  

S'mores and Yaya...he was in heaven!

 Then, on his actual birthday, he got to invite four friends (that is our house rule - you can invite as many kids as the age you are turning) from his preschool.  It was intended to be a super hero birthday that morphed into a pirate/super hero birthday.  As usual, Mr. Yost pulled through with a fantastic cake and an awesome super hero obstacle course. 

 The whole birthday party crew including some siblings and Stella squirting Mr. Yost in the head with a squirt gun.
 Time for cake!

 I wonder what he wished for???

 Hudson and his BFF - Jack.  How cute are they?  

 Time for the pinata!  I love this part of the birthday party because the kids are always completely engaged and so hopeful that they will be the lucky one who finally breaks it open. 

Happy Birthday H-Man!


  1. Mrs. Yost is an amazing planner and host. Thanks, love, for making things like this happen. And for chronicling them here.

  2. Erin and Aaron - you're both awesome! I love this blog. Thank you for sharing and putting a smile on my face! :)

    Happy Birthday Hudson!

  3. What wonderful pictures and description of Hudson's bday celebration! He IS such a lover. Can't wait to give him my own set of hugs! I'm sure you heard about the cake Mr. Yost made in High School. Rather an unusual birthing of his cake decorating career! He definitely has talent! I agree with him... I appreciate these blogs so immensely and love the fun things you do with the family. Love, Grandma Candy