Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Meet Cocoa

We have finally succumbed to the Elf on the Shelf phenomena.

Meet Cocoa...he is the elf we "adopted" after driving all over Bozeman trying to FIND an elf on the shelf.  

Over the last few years, I've sat and listened to stories of my friends who have to remember to have their elf do cute little mischevious deeds every night.  In my head, I smugly rejoiced in the fact that we had not been and would not be those people.  So what happened?

Well, the oldest daughter came home last week and HAD to have one because EVERYONE else in her class has one and we HAD to get one too.


If you know her, you know she can be quite relentless.  This was one of those instances where I figured it was easier to give in than to hear about it every single day for the next two weeks.

I do have to say that this little imp has some positive benefits.  If you don't know, it isn't enough anymore to sing, "You better watch out, you better not shout, you better not pout, I'm telling you why...Santa Claus is coming to town!"  No, now you have to say, "Cocoa is watching you and will tell Santa what you've been doing when he flies to the North Pole tonight."  When you think about it, why would any kid WANT an elf of the shelf watching their every move?  Regardless, I have already used this fact to my benefit when the kids are starting to act ornery. 

The other reason I've welcomed Cocoa in our house with open arms is his ability to get that same oldest daughter to spryly hop out of bed every morning before school.  Gone are the days of 30 minutes of escalating threats delivered in 5 minute intervals.  Now all I have to say is, "I wonder where Cocoa is this morning?" and watch with pleasure as she bounds down the stairs with nary an eye-roll or cover-flip.  What are we going to do when Christmas is over?  May I should invent a cupid on the shelf for Valentine's Day...

So yes, I am now one of those people who is trolling the blogoshpere for cute Cocoa adventure ideas.  I don't know how creative I'll get this year.  I don't want the bar set too high, you know.  Gotta work up to snow angels in powdered sugar and switching all the kids clothes with ours - seriously, I saw that one on a blog...WHO has time to do that???

Uh oh - my iPhone just popped up my "Elf!" reminder.  I'd better go figure out what Cocoa has in store tonight. :)


  1. As a side-note, there is a lot of family speculation about how much Cocoa can "see" when the kids are out of his line of sight. I maintain his omnipotence; Stella's sure she can get away with whatever as long as she can't see him. Hudson's just generally nervous about the whole affair. Vivian's just upset...about something...over there.

  2. Love it. We continue to resist the Elf for numerous reasons, but I wish you good luck with your adventures with Cocoa! (And if I thought it might actually do the trick for getting Eliana out of bed, I might succumb....)

  3. Our elf on the shelf, Sparkles, can "see" everything in the whole house, much like God can see you. She's magic so she can see/hear everything but is not allowed to show a reaction. Try it...

  4. We got one this year too! Although I couldn't find the real "elf" so we bought a different one. I'm trying to ease into it also, and not be too creative because I know there are going to be years where I really have to go all out. Tyler bounces around looking for him in the mornings and giggles like crazy!

  5. Ha! I love it! Sooooo clever!

  6. Very cute!! My almost-two granddaughter has named hers, "Bean".

  7. So THAT's why I see pictures of elves in weird places posted on Facebook. Zach