Monday, March 19, 2012

The "Good Stuff"

Tonight after dinner we ended up in the playroom.  Since we'd just taken EVERYTHING out when we got the new carpet installed (future blog post) we have very few toys left in there. 

One of small toy bins had a few Barbies in it that have been given to Stella.  In the course of playing, each of the kids had some interesting commentary about the anatomy of the dolls. 

That is where most kids first learn about female anatomy, right? 

Sad, but true I'm afraid.

 Hudson picked up this nice looking lady before she had any clothes on.  He asked me to help get her dressed because her dress was, "so short!"  Then, he said, "My doll is pregnant."  Now, I didn't mind him thinking his doll was pregnant.  I just didn't want him thinking that the little natural curve to Barbie's tummy was what a truly pregnant doll would look like.  We found a little baby sock and fixed her up to reflect a more accurate portrayal of prenatal glow.

 Meanwhile, Stella was getting this lovely lady (girl?) dressed in her pretty dress.  

 As she was finishing up, she said, "Whew, this dress just barely covers the good stuff."  


We of course asked her what she meant.  "You know, this part," as she demonstrated for us above.  Really?  The good stuff?  Where do they hear these things? 

I'd say she should be ready to pop out a baby Barbie in about 2-3 more months!


  1. Ha ha! The good stuff! Give it time and Hudson will be saying that, too!

  2. Hi Erin! I really like your blog, your kids are so cute and look a lot like you guys! Kids say crazy things, I crack up daily at what Tyler comes up with, must be from other daycare kids :)