Saturday, March 10, 2012

Product review: Eye-fi digital picture transfer card

I got the niftiest gadget for Christmas.  It is a digital card for your camera called Eye-fi. The neat part is that it connects to your wireless network to automatically download your pictures to the computer. 

No cords, no nothing.

As long as both devices are powered on, things just start flowing over.  I believe the cost is around $50 for the one I have.  It feels like a frivolous item, but making sure all of your precious pictures get downloaded seems to be worth it.

Speaking of pictures, here are a few of the kiddos...

Here is our sweet Vivi Lee showing off her improving rolling skills.  She can travel all the way across the room as long as nothing gets in her way!

Have I mentioned that Vivi has EIGHT teeth?  She does.  They are big and cute.

Show me your crinkle nose!

Yaya and Pouli call this her armadillo move.

Checking out some ski videos on the iPad with Daddy.

Last weekend before skiing, Stella took her notebook in the backyard for some early morning sketching.  This girl has some serious creative juices.

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