Saturday, October 27, 2012


We have lots of cute nicknames for Vivian:

Sweet Vivi
Vivi Lou Who
The Viv
The Bibs
Vivasnakes ? Isn't it weird what can end up being a term of endearment?

HOWEVER, we also have a couple things we call her that I know are not YaYa approved. I think it started because this summer was her learning to crawl and walk phase. It happened to correspond with us being outdoors a lot. Somehow, she always ended up with water and then dirt which of course became mud. Also, she LOVES to eat. Have you seen that girls thighs?


Anyway, she isn't necessarily a clean eater. She likes to dump her milk and learn about the unique properties of different foods through all of her senses ( read smushing, throwing, etc). Due to all of these factors we ended up calling her "Junkyard Baby" or "Junkyard" for short.

I know. I know.  It is a terrible thing to call our sweet little Bibinator.

So recently we decided to change it to "Havoc." It really is more fitting because her escapades aren't confined to mud and food. They extend to bathroom cabinets, the pantry and anything else she can find or reach.

Some pics of our Sweet Vivi Lou Havoc Who:

Oh yeah, this girl likes her food.

This is a close up of the spaghetti sauce that made it all the way to her hearing aid. She needs a bib for her head!

Quite proud of having found a way to grab the computer cord. - our kitchen.

Mmmmm...woodchips! - Avon, CO

Let me in the water Grandpa Pete! I'm one, that is plenty old enough to swim in a  mountain lake all by myself. - Silverthorne, CO

She's never met a sandbox that she hasn't wanted to take half of it home in her clothes. - Vail, CO

Pretty sure she is eating a rock here. - Jackson Lake, WY

 I found this little surprise trail of dog biscuits in the could only be one person...Havoc!

A little extra mud in your diet does a baby good. - Secret swimming hole somewhere near Yellowstone Nat'l Park.

I think I'll just hang out here on the fireplace hearth and enjoy my bag of raisins next to diapers I drug over.  

Look at this fun little place that is just my size and has fun little nuggets in it.  - Penny's crate in our living room

The Viv is also quite the little daredevil. Thank goodness for the vigilance of Pouli. - Pouli and YaYa's house.

Okay, she is not actually causing any havoc in this picture, but you can just tell she either came from havoc or is about to cause it. - Our hallway.

 Glitter Glue - Our dining room


  1. I love it! Junkyard Baby!!! Ha! She is so dang sweet - it's ok she causes havoc. :)

  2. I hear that curiosity is a sign of intelligence! From the story I've heard, she may take after her grandma Candy...who used to enjoy splashing with her food as much as eating it! She's adorable! Miss you all terribly! Grandma C