Sunday, February 24, 2013

Does anyone else despise Chutes and Ladders?

I wasn't planning on writing this post about Chutes and Ladders, but we happened to play tonight after dinner.  What is up with that game?

It just goes on and on and on and on...

Just when you think someone is going to win, they slip down one of those pesky chutes.  Maybe if I wasn't thinking, "I should sweep the floor, I should make sure the backpacks are ready for the morning, I should pay bills," I wouldn't mind sitting there as the game drags on with no end in sight.

ANYWAY, back to my original topic.

Our vacuum cleaner was DISGUSTING!  Thanks to my wonderful husband's new cleaning schedule, I had some time to work on "special projects" on Saturday.  One of them was to look next to and behind the washer and dryer for spare socks and such.  Very satisfying...

The other was to go to town on our Dyson.  Since we vacuum every couple of days to try and stay on top of the dog hair, the thing gets a LOT of use.  Usually, I barely have to time vacuum much less think about cleaning it out.  The other reason I don't usually think about it is because we still get a full canister every time we vacuum, so I figured it was doing it's job.

Boy was I wrong.  Once I finally got a moment to take a good hard look at it, I was horrified to see the build-up everywhere.

The stars aligned on Saturday morning during an early Vivi nap and the Mr. and Stella being out of the house, so Hudson and I got a couple of tools, pulled over the garbage can and went at it.  All I can say is YUCK.  I had to suppress my gag reflex quite a few times as we de-haired the roller bar.   The results were just too dramatic to not share! :)

Before *gag*
This is what we took off of just the roller bar
After  *ahhhh*

And here is a cute picture of the Viv from this afternoon at Pouli and YaYa's.  She is holding her favorite lovey, "Bun-Bun," as she enjoys a little February swing time. 

This is a picture of her last year in February.  Less snow, less hair, same love of flying high!

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  1. Chutes and Ladders--agreed.

    Lovey--cute! Adria always sleeps with and loves the ducky (aka "Duck Duck!" you gave her when she was born. :-) They both have good taste!