Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring break snowshoe

With the help of YaYa to watch Vivian, the Mr. was able to take Stella and Hudson on a day excursion to Hyalite Canyon.  Usually, we make it up there a couple of times during the winter, but with all the skiing we've been doing, this was a first for the year. Since he was there, with a camera phone and the first-aid kit, Mr. gets to write the captions for this one:

Before we even left the parking lot, Stella and Hudson were seeing what the platters on their feet could do when Stella found the sharp end of a broken whiskey bottle with her right knee. I was strapping on my snowshoes when she said, "Daddy, there was something sharp in the snow. I think it cut me."

Indeed it did, slashed right through her snow pants, long underwear, and a few layers of knee skin. Fortunately, the well-stocked first aid kit in the back of the van came through huge! She only cried when I started talking stitches. But after a quick lunch, she rallied and we hit the trail.

Penny did great for her first off-leash hike as a member of our family. Stella and Hudson have been off leash for a long time, and I was amazed at how quickly they adapted to their new footwear. We climbed up a fairly steep side trail that I knew led to the base of a substantial frozen waterfall.

 At the top, the ice falls were impressive--as were the cliffs surrounding them--and we kept our distance. We dug a snow pit at the base of this snowfield, and I was able to show our budding snow scientists the layers in the snowpack. I was even able to get a column to propagate! There would be no skiing this slope today, kids. After a wee snack, we tromped, slid, and giggled back down to the main trail.

We found a killer snow cave tucked away in a meadow. Stella, then Hudson and me, slid penguin-style into the dark opening. And wouldn't you know it? The light was perfect inside for this portrait of Hudson, a happy snow romper, after spending a fun afternoon making "big ole tracks" (his words) in Hyalite canyon.


  1. Sounds like an epic day! Photos are amazing. Now you can add "nurse" to your resume. Miss you guys!