Monday, December 5, 2011

Has your house ever looked like this?

If you ever wondered what a house with three kids really looks like behind closed doors, well, here you go. 

This is why I didn't have a blog post for the past week. 

We had good intentions this weekend of:

getting the Christmas tree - which we did (see it way in the back?)

putting lights up on our house - which we did

starting a new, one-week meal plan from Real Simple magazine - which we did (salmon with gingery green beans and bok choy - yum)

So, on all those counts, the weekend was a success.  The house cleaning?  Not so much.

I'm pretty sure the kids will remember the Christmas tree hunt, the sparkling lights and the yummy dinner.  Let's hope they forget about the sheer chaos that ensued during the process!

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  1. Oh yeah, AND bake Christmas cookies - which we did - yum again!