Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Vivian es de cinco meses

Thats right, Vivian is five months!

Why the Spanish?  I have no idea really.  It could be that Hudson learns Spanish at his preschool, so I see it written every morning.  It could be that someone recently told me everyone should know at least one other language and that it should probably be Spanish.

How did I figure out how to write, "Vivian is five months" in Spanish, you might ask. 

Two words: Google Translate

Try it. 

It is quite entertaining to type things in English, see how they are written in Spanish and then click the little speaker button to hear the pronunciation.  For example, I typed, "our home is a pigsty" and got, "nuestra casa es una pocilga." Everything sounds so much cooler in a different language. 

I digress...

Here are some pics of a typical evening in the life of our sweet five-month-old Bivers (one of her nicknames that morphed from Hudson not being able to pronounce the "v" before she was born). 

 Look Stell, I can hold my own bottle!

 One of many kisses during her day.

 Her first food!  Big sister Stella got the honors.

 Apparently she was quite ready to start eating cereal.  Give it to me!  Give it to me!


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  1. No puedo creer que hayan pasado cinco meses. ¿Dónde ha ido el tiempo?