Sunday, October 9, 2011

Does it fit?

Yesterday marked the start of the winter season in our household.  It was the annual Bridger Raptor Fest at Bridger Bowl and the purchase of the kids' season ski passes.  This year I decided to add a new tradition to the weekend.  It was a little game called, "Does it fit?"  It was followed by, "If it fits, does it have a name label in it?"  Sounds thrilling, right?  

Right after Saturday morning cartoons, Mr. Yost and I started the first round which was hats and gloves.  The game went like this:  We made a line for each individual of all the hats and gloves we'd collected from around the house.  At the end of the line was a treat, such as a small bag of M&M's.  If they made it all the way through the line, they got the treat at the end.  The other two rounds were coats & snow pants and then gear (ski boots, skis, helmets, goggles, ice skates, etc.) I wish I'd taken pictures of the mounds of things the kids tried on.  It was quite a sight.  

Stella powered through the first two rounds, got her chocolate fix and then had to be coerced into finishing the gear round.  Hudson was the opposite.  He just wanted the skis and skates...forget the hats and gloves!  All-in-all, it was very successful.  We are now ready for whatever winter wants to throw our way.

Here is Hudson towards the end of the gear round.  He is sporting cross country ski gear, animal pajamas and a downhill helmet.

Stella trying on her balaclava, goggles and sweet new helmet we bought at the end of the season last year.  We decided she has the nicest helmet of all of us now.

Ahhh...the end of "Does it fit"...wait a second, is it possible for his legs to be in that position?  Oh, to be 3 again and have joints like gumbi!

In case anyone cares, here are the labels I have for each of the kids.  I'd ordered Stella's 3 or 4 years ago. I just recently ordered sets for Hudson and Vivian.  They are from

Here are some photos from Raptor Fest:

 Stella - AKA American Kestrel
 Hudson is already taking after his Daddy - he was meant to be in the mountains.

 The icing on the cake - $5 Season Passes to Bridger Bowl  
Bring on the snow!

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