Monday, October 10, 2011

Wednesday is hearing aid day!

Vivian's appointment is scheduled for Wednesday morning. I am feeling a whole mix of emotions - excited, anxious, apprehensive...

I am excited for her to start hearing everything she has been missing. It will be so interesting to see how she responds to our voices. I'm wondering how she will react to her own voice as well. She has started shrieking lately when she is excited. I don't remember Stella and Hudson ever being quite so vocal. It makes me wonder if she can her herself when she is makes that loud screech. While I can't wait for her to be introduced to all of the new sounds,I'm also worried about whether or not it will change her sweet little personality. She is so easy-going right now in her muffled little world. I have this picture in my mind of her with her eyes in a permanent state of shock and awe. I'm sure it won't be as dramatic as that, but she will probably get tired from all of the new stimulation. At least we will take them off at night!

Our plan is to try and video her first reactions. However, I can't promise that it will actually happen. If it does, I will post the video later this week. Otherwise, we'll at least get some pictures of her sporting her new accessories. :)

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