Sunday, October 30, 2011

Update on the Viv

 ~ Another picture from Yellowstone last week ~

Vivian seemed a tad unsettled this week.  As I look back over the week, I guess I can see why.

Tuesday brought her 4-month well baby check at the pediatrician's office.  Thankfully, it was a Super Yaya day, so she was able to assist.  She weighed in at 13 lbs, 6 oz...right at the middle of the growth chart.  That's my girl.  The appointment also brought lots of things that Yaya was not so happy to have to witness:

  • 4 immunizations including three shots and one oral
  • one urine sample for analysis related to trying to pinpoint or rule out causes for her hearing loss (Luckily, she peed in the little stick-on bag right as the doctor was saying they could just catheterize her.  Apparently, all you have to say is, "catheterize" and even a baby will pee immediately.)
  • one large (for a baby anyway) tube of blood for another test ordered by the ENT doctor.  I didn't realize that they take blood from their arm just like they do on adults.  Good thing Mr. Yost wasn't there...let's just say he doesn't do well with that particular body fluid.

She was a champ through all of it.  By the time we were checking out of the office she was back to her sweet, smiley self.

The next day was her first follow-up for her hearing aids.  Everything has been going pretty smoothly with them up to this point.  We've had to change batteries twice and should probably be cleaning them more often than we do.  The only real concern we had was that she was getting a lot of the whistling, feedback noise.  It is caused by the sound that is getting amplified escaping before it gets all the way into her ear. To fix it, the audiologist decided to do new ear mold impressions.  This time she did them a little deeper and they are supposed to have some kind of extra thing (we can't remember what she called it) that will help them stay in her ears more tightly.  Since it will take about two weeks for them to come in, she turned down the amplification to reduce the feedback for the time being.

Let's see, what else...oh yeah, she's had a quite a bugger of a cold.  Runny nose, goopy eye, etc.  She is back to sleeping in the swing to keep her more upright.  Otherwise, the congestion keeps her up all night.

As if all of that wasn't enough, what did I discover this morning? Teeth!!!  Yep, two little chompers poking through her bottom gums. Here's hoping for a less traumatic week for our little Vivers.


  1. Teeth! The way Adria's been acting I've been half expecting her to pop some through...though it would be very early. I hope Vivian gets some relief now that hers are in!

  2. Oh, and I love Vivian's hat. :-)