Sunday, November 13, 2011

New ear molds

Vivian had her appointment last Wednesday at the audiologist.  The new, and bigger ear molds were in, so the audiologist took the old ones off and fitted the new ones.  We got to bring the old ones home to keep in her baby box to show what her very first pair looked like! 

I tried to take some pictures to show the difference, but my photography skills were lacking today.  The main difference is that the part that goes in her ear is longer.  (The new one is hooked to the hearing aid on the left) There is also a little extra piece molded in at the top that is meant to help secure them in her ear. 

The next steps are to have a check-up in a month with the audiologist, schedule another ABR test in Billings in early 2012 and finally get together with the coordinator from the Montana School for the Deaf and Blind.  You know, in all our free time...

She seems to be growing and thriving right before our eyes.  No rolling-over yet, but it could be any day.  She loves playing with toys.  Especially ones she can get up to her mouth so she can drool on them. 

Hudson seems to have a special bond with her that includes "helping" her roll over and over and over.  He is also fond of using her as a prop to show off his amazing leaping skills.  No special treatment for this little girl!


  1. That extra part of the mold near the hook is interesting. Carys' don't have that. I use toupe tape and tape her hearing aids to her head - do you do that? Really helps and hasn't irritated her skin yet.

  2. Claire - we haven't tried the tape yet. I've read about other people doing that. The new ear molds seems to stay in, but she is starting to reach up and grab them more and more. Do you think the tape would be secure enough to keep Carys from pulling them off? We also bought some of those Hanna Anderson pilot caps that you mentiond. They seem to work well and are so cute. They make her look like a little water polo player!