Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Purge Project: Lions & Tigers & Bears - Oh My!

We've been cooped-up in the house the last two weekends with various family members having various illnesses.  While it hasn't been thrilling, it was a good opportunity to go through more items in my ongoing quest to be a moderately minimalist Montana Mama.  Go ahead - try to say that 3 times real fast

Weekend total of items that will no longer be floating around our house: 165!

Animals that are not stuffed:
Looks can be deceiving with this group.  There were a TON of little tiny plastic bugs floating around our house that got added to the category.  Am I happy that those 123 little buggers will no longer be lurking under-foot everywhere I go?  You betcha!

Started with: 143!
Each child kept 10
Final purge tally: 123

 ~ A few of the survivors ~
"Look out baby bear!  There is a Texas Longhorn RIGHT behind you!"

My coats and jackets:
This one was interesting because I have a fondness for coats and jackets, yet we don't technically have a coat closet.  What this means is that they have been stashed all over the house and garage.  I was surprised when I finally rounded them all up to realize I had 13.  This doesn't even include "technical" wear such as ski jackets and fleeces. 
Started with: 13
Kept: 6
Final purge tally: 7 (donated 5 and will try to consign 2)

Horses & ponies:
I gave Stella the task of choosing her 10 favorite items from the group of horses and ponies I rounded up.  Once again, I used the yellow dots on the floor and then just left her to the challenge.  It was very surprising to me that she quickly picked her favorites and only had nine.  She looked up at me and said, "Do I have to pick 10?"  Hah!  Here I am thinking I am such a mean mommy and she was totally content with 9.  In the end she did pick one more, but it made me realize once again that I don't give the kids enough credit.

Started with: 25
Stella kept 10
Final purge tally: 15

Cars & trucks:
I wish I would have taken pictures of this group, because it was interesting to see that Hudson picked the 10 smallest cars and trucks from the pile.  No big battery-operated, bells and whistles vehicles for this guy.  He preferred the little Matchbox car type of toys.  The 20 that we removed from circulation freed up a lot of space because of their size.
Started with: 30
Hudson kept 10
Final purge tally: 20


  1. !ow! So impressive and inspiring. I love the idea to let the kids pick which to keep, I'll be using that one. So far with Fiona I've just been sneaking stuff away, waiting a few days to see if she notices (she doesn't), then donating. But it's a great idea to be open about the process and teach the kids that they don't need all this stuff.

  2. You are a woman on a mission. Very inspiring stuff. Makes me want to rush home and clean out a closet or something.