Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanksgivings past

While looking through old photos on the computer this evening I came across these pictures from Thanksgiving weekend 2003. I felt compelled to share. 

Here are Mr. Yost and I doing....what?  It appears to me that we must have been "stalking" our Christmas tree.  Perhaps the hunter-orange vests gave us this idea? 

 Ahhhh, the fresh smell of pine.  This is what you take pictures of before you have kids, I guess.

Oh look, now we are dragging it down the hill.  Definitely picture worthy.

 Hi, Boise - thanks for helping us tie our tree to the top of the Suby. 

Yes, those were the days...Carharts, fleece vests and a dirty Suby...good times, good times.

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